Desalination, Demineralization, Water treatment and Conditioning

Thermal desalination of marine and salty waters, supply of household and potable water.


Brief description

Distillation desalination facilities

Function: Demineralization and desalination of marine and other natural waters; Producing of desalted feed water for NPPs, TPPs and boiler houses; Treatment of salty industrial effluent flows; Supply of household, potable and hot water.

Vacuum deaerator

The state-of-the-art heat and power generating equipment.

Reagent-free and discharge-free combined thermal water treatment steam boilers and heat distribution networks

For heat and power generating facilities of any scale – from local steam boiler houses to large GRES power plants and CHPP equipped with steam boilers and a heat distribution network with network pre-heaters.

Providing of income control of aggressiveness and quality of hot water supplied to consumers’ heat distribution network

Control of conformity of aggressiveness and quality of producer-supplied hot water to normative requirements with the purpose of drastic increase of service lives of equipment and pipelines and increase of energy-saving.

Hermetic pumps

Hermetic pumps with magnetic coupling are designed for pumping chemically active, toxic, explosion-hazardous, volatile, extra pure and expensive liquids.

Ion-exchange columns (filters)

A family of devices which are distinguished by using of ion- exchange resins (IER) as a filtering stratum.

Cartridge filters with washed-in filtering stratum

Fine purging of potable and process water of different purpose from mechanical impurities with particle coarseness within the submicron size range.

Woven-wire-cloth filter

For purging of high-temperature aggressive gases from solid particles in gas-purging systems of chemical, metallurgical, heat and power generating and other industries.

Membrane desalination facilities

Membrane units module, ultrafiltration-based and reverse osmosis-based, designed for purging of low-active laundry waters of chemical-metallurgical productions from alpha-active nuclides, surface active agents and mineral salts, in order to return treated water into process.

Distillation desalination facilities with mechanical steam compression