Vacuum Deaerator

The state-of-the-art heat and power generating equipment

  • for heat networks, boiler houses and central heating and power plants;
  • for industrial enterprises.

Deaerator has an upright design; three stages are located inside its cylindrical body: one condensation-heating and two designed directly for water de-aeration.

The principle of “pseudo-bubbling” which is used for de-aeration stages will significantly intensify mass-exchanging processes, ensure minimal resistance of the deaerator’s steam duct and at the same time prevent suspension of water in the stages’ drip pans, pressure fluctuations and hydraulic impacts related thereto, including at variable water load.

Availability of the condensation-heating stage shall allow normal operation of the deaerator at the temperature of water delivered thereto which is much lower than the temperature of steam therein, and ensure prevention of flashed vapour condensing.



Rated feed water capacity, tons/hour


Operating range of capacity, tons/hour


Feed water temperature:  

-input, oС


-output, oС


Operating pressure (absolute), MPa


Residual oxygen content in de-aerated water, µg/kg


Gas-dynamic impedance (pressure losses along steam duct), kPA


Structural material

Stainless steel

Weight of equipment, kg


Vacuum deaerators of the similar design can also be manufactured and supplied, with any capacity in the range between 5 and 1000 tons/hour of de-aerated water.