Distillation Demineralization Facilities


  • Demineralization and desalination of marine and other natural waters;
  • Producing of desalted feed water for NPPs, TPPs and boiler houses;
  • Treatment of salty industrial effluent flows;
  • Supply of household, potable and hot water.             

Operation of distillation demineralization facilities (DOU) at plants wherein ion exchange is used for water treatment will allow re-process regeneration effluents from household water supply and heating systems for distillate and salts, with re-use of the former for feeding of boiler aggregates and the latter for regeneration of ion-exchanging resins. Use of DOU at newly-built power generating facilities instead of chemical desalination plants allow to arrange closed-loop water supply.

SverdNIIChimmash JSC created three generations of distillation demineralization facilities (DOU) distinguished with the design performance:

  • Multi-stage facilities with forced circulation evaporators;
  • Liquid flashing;
  • Vertical tubular and horizontal tubular film evaporators.

As an example, see the table wherein technical specifications of the latest distillation desalination facilities with evaporators equipped with horizontal tubular beams sprayed with desalinated water (DOU GTPA) are presented.

Structure of DOU GTPA

  • Evaporators, heat-exchangers, condensers, de-aerator;
  • Vacuum generating and maintaining devices;
  • Tank equipment;
  • Primary water treatment plant;
  • Pipelines and pipeline valving, metal structures, maintenance platforms;
  • System of monitoring and automated control of the technological process.

Advantages of DOU GTPA

  • Continuity of the process and low labour costs;
  • High thermal efficiency;
  • Compactness and low consumption of metal;
  • Possibility of modular construction;
  • Extremely low specific expense of chemicals and materials;
  • High distillate yield per 1 ton of consumed steam;
  • Regeneration solutions are not discharged outside (unlike in the case of chemical desalination).