Membrane Desalination Facilities

Function and principle of operation

The membrane units module, ultrafiltration-based and reverse osmosis-based, is designed for purging of low-active laundry waters of chemical-metallurgical productions from alpha-active nuclides, surface active agents and mineral salts, in order to return treated water into process and the polluted concentrate for burying.

In course of purging of treated low-active laundry waters by means of membrane, the following problems are solved:

  • Purging from mechanical impurities;
  • Purging from surface matters;
  • Purging from α and β-active radio nuclides;
  • Purging from mineral salts with further return of purged water into the process;
  • Concentrating of impurities caught by membranes up to the state suitable for further burying.


Utilization of the combined technology of waste laundry waters treatment will allow complete discontinuation of discharging inorganic detergents into the chain of industrial water supply reservoirs.

On basis of complex operation of the membrane equipment and the technology, problems of treatment of effluents in various industries, desalination or conditioning of natural waters can also be solved successfully.

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